Marika is an Emmy Award Winner!

The winners of the International Interactive Emmy Awards were announced on April 8, and Sanningen om Marika won the price for Best Interactive TV service!

International Emmy Press Release

Marika nominated for Emmy Award!

The company P is proud to announce that The Truth About Marika has been nominated for an International Emmy, for best Interactive TV Service, running alongside international successes like Spooks and Doctor Who.

The Emmy is the Oscar of the television world, with the International Emmy Awards honouring outstanding programs produced outside the USA.

"Our vision with Marika was to help a national broadcaster establish a new, intimate relationship with its viewers, reaching audiences that have left the sofa for the keyboard, audiences that demand much more than passive entertainment," says Christopher Sandberg, managing director of The company P.

"We at P have worked on hundreds of interactive arts and research projects, but Marika is our first drama series. To us, the prestigious nomination is a sign that the time is right for high-quality productions, tearing down the walls between media producer and media consumer. The audience of the future demands participation!," says Martin Ericsson, Creative director at The company P.

The company P was engaged in 2006, by Swedish Television, to design and produce a new breed of participatory TV-drama. By creating a living mystery with powerful philosophical themes, The company P challenged an entire nation to find the truth about why hundreds of ordinary people disappear every year. Using actors, mobile services and a vibrant online community the concept erased the borders between art and life. The Truth About Marika created both controversy and a fanatical following that changed its viewers from passive audience to active co-creators.


  • Adriana Skarped, lead ractor, designer, The company P
  • Martin Brodén, run-time ractor, The company P
  • Åke Lindén, avatar ractor, The company P
  • Elge Larsson, artist, writer, actor Spektaklet, The company P
  • Emil Boss, assistant ractor, The company P
  • Jonas Söderberg, actor, SICS
  • Alexander Graff, lead art design, The company P
  • Victoria Henriksson, lead artist, The company P
  • Anders Muammar, scenography Vattnadal
  • Ludvig Moritz, comic art, The company P
  • Karim Muammar, design, writer, The company P
  • Jesper Berglund, design, writer, The company P
  • Staffan Jonsson, technical lead, The company P
  • Johan Persson, mobile tech lead developer, The company P
  • Daniel Sundström, developer, SICS/II
  • Henrik Berggren, developer, SICS/II
  • Jonas Henriksson, developer, The company P
  • Andreas Dahlström, technical advisor, The company P
  • Kindergarten, strike team Stockholm: Tom, Ki, Johan, Jocke, Tobbe
  • Strike team Göteborg: Petter Karlsson, Marcus Brissman, Jon Back
  • Strike team Växjö: Jessica Linde
  • Moderatorer: Tomb, The Herminator
  • Martin Ericsson, creative director, The company P
  • Andie Nordgren, producer, technical lead, The company P
  • Christopher Sandberg, executive producer, The company P


  • Jonas Sjöqvist, actor SVT
  • Sasha Becker, actor SVT
  • Mirja Thurestedt, actor SVT
  • Lennart Jäkel, actor SVT
  • Niklas Fransson, actor SVT
  • Moa Millgård, actor SVT
  • Screenplay: Anders Weidemann
  • Directed by: Martin Schmidt
  • Photo: Niclas Karpenty, Kurt Bergren, Per Norberg
  • Sound: Peter Bergström, Christian Gyllensten
  • Host debate: John Carlsson
  • Web editor in chief: Eva Rados
  • Editing: Martin Brundin, Marcus Purens, Marianne Lindekranz
  • Scenography: Krister Lindell
  • Music: Tobias Marberger
  • Graphical form: Christina Åberg
  • Producer web: Hans G Andersson
  • Construction web: Magnus Johansson
  • Press SVT: Sanna Verner-Carlsson
  • Script continuity: Jenny Rådelöv Harrysson
  • Image producer: Sussi Johnsson
  • Director: Richard Jarnhed
  • Script editors: Susanna Boonyai, Richard Jarnhed, Helena Stjärnström
  • Casting: Pär Brundin
  • Project manager SVT: Daniel Lägersten
  • Publisher SVT: Christian Wikander

Och stort tack till de flera hundra statister, hallåor och övrig personal, bland annat på Sveriges Radio, och trailer, som lyft varje minut och meter av denna resa. Skönt också med Deathgame, Playahead, Lingr, Wordpress, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, Technorati, Bildagboken, Viddler, Highrise, Google apps och Lobortis. Tack även till Mind Ark, Inferno Online, Sverok, Signaler från Sverok, Fenix, SICS, Interactive Institute samt Mela Kocher och Marie Denward, alla från Prosopopeia bardo ett och två och De andra.